Xvape Xmax V-One Creeper Quartz Coil Wax Atomizer Kit

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The Xmax V-One 'Creeper' Atomizer is designed in the USA by VapoScience and precision engineered by Xvape for a superior vaping experience. It has intense attention to details including: a scraping rim on the coil, slanted walls to make your wax 'creep' toward the coil, a ceramic lined coil, and a mouthpiece specially designed to reduce heat transmission to your mouth. The durable stainless mouthpiece also has a stunning and durable piano baked finish. The 1.0 ohm atomizer is designed to provide smooth vaping and compatibility with a wide variety of batteries and mods. Designed to provide smooth, yet intense hits while maximizing conservation of your waxy material.

Broad Compatibility
Reduced Heat Transmission
Intense Production

Resistance: 1.0 ohm
Recommended Wattage: 10-20W

In Box:
1 V-One Creeper Quartz Coil Atomizer

Replacement CoilsGlass MouthpieceGlass Bubbler, and Stainless Mouthpiece also available for the V-One Creeper Atomizer.