Yocan Uni Plus 510 Thread Battery

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The Yocan Uni Plus is a slightly upsized version of the battery that revolutionized the industry.  The Uni Plus is just a bit taller than the original, and that slight increase in size was put to great use!  Yocan's engineers managed to shoehorn a battery in this cloud factory that is almost 50% larger than the original.  You get a whopping 900mAh of battery life in the Uni Plus and even better, you charge it via a USB C cable.  Everything that made the original the blockbuster it was is still here.  You still get the variable diameter opening allowing for up to 12mm diameter carts and the adjustable height feature allowing for use with smaller 1/2 gram carts.  You can choose from 3 different voltage settings and it still has a preheat function for those of you with extremely thick oils.  

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Replacement Magnetic Connector Rings are available.

Variable Diameter Opening
Adjustable Cartridge Height
Magnetic 510 Thread Drop And Go Connector

Battery Capacity: 900mAh
Battery Charge Type: USB C
Thread Type:  510 Thread
On/Off:  5 Clicks Within 2 Seconds
Preheat Start/Stop:  Click Button 2 Times Quickly
Preheat Duration:  10 Seconds
Voltage Levels:  Preheat - 2.2V, Low (1 Light) - 3.4V, Medium (2 Lights) - 3.8V, High (3 Lights) - 4.2V
Cartridge Compatibility:
     Resistance:  >0.5Ω
     Diameter:  6mm - 12mm
     Length:  >45mm

In The Box
1 UNI Plus Box Mod
1 Magnetic 510 Thread Connector Ring
1 User Manual
1 USB C Cable