Yocan Loki Electronic Nectar Collector Kit

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The Loki is Yocan's newest electronic dab straw.  The Loki was designed with simplicity and portability in mind.  There is a single button to control the device.  The operation is standard, except that Yocan added in my favorite new feature called Session Mode.  You click the button twice and it will heat the tip for 15 seconds.  The Loki is the smallest and lightest concentrate vaporizer that Yocan offers.  They still managed to shoehorn a 650mAh battery into the aluminum alloy body.  The battery has 3 different voltage levels to choose from to really allow you to dial in your experience.  The XTAL Tip has also been completely redesigned with an enlarged Quartz Tip and an embedded heating element that provides a larger heating area and has no metal exposure to ensure a crisp and clean flavor. 

Replacement XTAL Tips are also available.

Aluminum Alloy Body
All New XTAL Coil
650mAh Battery
Session Mode

Thread Type:  510 Thread
Battery Capacity:  650mAh
Battery Charge Type:  USB-C - 5V/0.7A
On/Off:  5 Clicks Within 2 Seconds
Voltage Levels:  3.2V - White, 3.7V - Blue, 4.2V - Green
Change Voltage:  Click Button 3 Times Quickly
Session Mode:  15 Second Continuous Fire
Start/Stop Session Mode:  Click Button 2 Times Quickly

In The Box
1 Yocan Loki Electronic Nectar Collector
1 USB-C Charging Cable
1 Instruction Manual