Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer

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Introducing the Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer, a versatile accessory designed to complement nearly all Yocan Black devices. This innovative tool combines the functionality of a hot knife and a thermometer, making it a convenient multi-tool in your vaping arsenal. Whether you want to enhance your vaping experience or upgrade your dabbing everyday carry (EDC), this accessory is a fantastic choice.

The Yocan Black JAWS Hot Knife & Thermometer is an excellent tool for dabbers, both medical patients and recreational users.


  • 1800mAh Battery Capacity
  • Digital Display
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Built-in Temperature Reader
  • One-button Design
  • Convenient Snap Cap Feature

What's in the Box

  • Yocan Black Jaws Hot Knife
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • User Manual