Yocan Armor Wax Pen Kit

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The Yocan Armor is a compact new concentrate vaporizer from Yocan.  The Armor packs the features you want like variable voltage, a convenient preheat function, and Micro-USB Charging.  

You'll love the new Variable Voltage settings that let you customize your experience to your preferences.  You can cycle through the different levels by clicking the button 3 times quickly.  The LED indicators will display 1 light for 3.0V, 2 lights for 3.5V, and all 3 lights for 4.0V when you're ready for some serious cloud action. 

The Armor also has a built in 10 second preheat function to melt your materials and get them ready.  You can easily start and stop the preheat by clicking the button twice.  The convenient Micro-USB Charging will completely charge the built-in 380mAh battery in only 30 minutes!

Variable Voltage with 3 Voltage Levels
10 Second Preheat
QDC Coils
380mAh Battery Capacity with Micro USB Fast Charging

In The Box
1 Armor Pen with pre-installed QDC Coil
1 Extra QDC coil
1 Pick Tool
1 Micro USB Cable
1 Instructions Manual

Replacement Coils Available Here