Yesgo Poptank II Wax Vape Pen Kit

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Yesgo has just released an updated version of their popular Poptank Wax Pen called the Poptank II.  It uses a 650mAh battery and comes with a dual quartz rod coil to cleanly and efficiently vaporize your waxy material.  Ceramic Donut coils are also available.  You can remove the atomizer tube easily with its magnetic connection to make loading the coil a breeze.

Magnetic Connection
Ceramic Donut and Dual Quartz Rod Coils Available
Discreet Design

Size:  126.5mm X 14mm
Weight:  143g
Coil Resistance:  0.7Ω-0.8Ω
Approximate Charge Time:  1.3 hours
Working Voltage:  3.8V
Battery Capacity:  650mAh
Charge Type:  USB

In The Box:
1 650mAh Yesgo Battery
1 Poptank II Wax Atomizer
1 Loading Tool
1 USB Charger

Replacement Coils are also available.