Xvape XLUX Vixen Lipstick Wax Vaporizer Kit

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The XLUX Vixen is the newest addition to the Xvape family.  This is the first wax vape pen designed primarily with women in mind.  The Vixen is compact and is built to look like a nice lip stick container for extremely covert carrying and usage.  The kit comes with a Dual Quartz Titanium coil pre-installed, as well as a Ceramic Plate coil in the box.  The Vixen is powered by a built-in 900mAh battery that uses micro USB charging.  There are 3 different temperature settings to allow you to find the perfect match.  This amazing design, coupled with Xvape's legendary build quality, makes the Vixen the perfect choice for those who value discretion.  

Discreet Design
Dual Quartz and Ceramic Plate Coil Options
3 Temperature Settings

Battery Capacity:  900mAh
Charge Type:  Micro USB
On/Off:  Click Button 5 Times
Low Voltage Warning:  Light Flashes 10 Times
Short Warning:  Red Light Will Flash 3 Times
Colors:  Black, Pink

In The Box:
1 XLUX Vixen Vape Pen
1 Dual Quartz Titanium Coil (Pre-Installed)
1 Ceramic Disc Coil
1 Screw Top Plastic Container With Silicone Liner
1 Tool
1 Micro USB Charging Cord

Replacement Coils are available.