Wulf Mods Clash Vector Torch

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Introducing the Wulf Mods Clash Torch, a user-friendly and portable torch designed for your convenience. This versatile torch features an ignition button, a flame height adjuster, and a flame lock button, making it incredibly easy to use.

With its powerful flame reaching over 2800°F, the Clash Torch ensures swift vaporization of your clouds. The adjustable flame height allows you to customize your vaping experience, whether you prefer lower flames for smoother clouds or higher temperatures for thicker vapor clouds.

When you're done using the torch, simply engage the flame lock button to prevent butane waste. This feature is not only practical but also helps conserve resources effectively.

The Wulf Clash Torch comes in a variety of appealing colors, offering you 9 different options to choose from, including Gunmetal Tech and White-Red Spatter. It's a stylish and efficient tool for all your vaping needs.

The Wulf Mods Clash Torch is a portable torch with an ignition button, flame height adjuster, and flame lock button. it has a height adjustment for quickly clouds with a lower flame.

This Torch in not prefilled