White Rhino Anodized Metal Bat

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Introducing the Anodized Metal Bat One Hitter – a masterfully designed pipe for the contemporary smoker! Boasting an elegant and sleek form, this discreetly pocket-sized one hitter offers a smooth and enjoyable experience with your favorite herbs. This device perfectly blends speed, efficiency, and convenience with a touch of style, making it an exceptional choice for your smoking needs.

The design simplifies use, eliminating the hassle of multiple components. Simply fill it with finely ground dry herbs, press the Anodized Metal Bat One Hitter into the herbs with a twist, and you're set to enjoy a richly flavorful smoke. This straight-style pipe lacks a carb hole and is ideally paired with standard dugouts (sold separately).

Perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle, the Anodized Metal Bat One Hitter slips easily into your pocket or bag, allowing for quick and discreet usage. Its refined aesthetics, vibrant colors, and superior craftsmanship not only enhance its appearance but also its functionality. Despite its compact size, this pipe delivers a robust experience. Don’t miss out on the Anodized Metal Bat One Hitter—grab yours today for a consistently satisfying smoke every time.