Space King 14mm Diamond Quartz Bowl

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Unlock the pinnacle of purity and flavor in your concentrate (wax) sessions with our meticulously engineered quartz bowl. Precision-crafted to meet your high standards, this 14mm marvel is expertly constructed from robust glass, ensuring both longevity and resistance to heat. Designed with your convenience and cost-effectiveness in mind, our fully quartz bowls are available in a set of nine, guaranteeing a steady stream of extraordinary dabbing moments. Elevate your concentrate experience today with these dependable and efficient quartz bowls.

The Space King Diamond Knot Quarts Wax Bowl is a concentrate/wax bowl made of thick glass, making it an ideal accessory for your dab session.

Experience the highest purity and flavor with our completely quartz bowl, specifically built for your concentrate needs. This high-quality 14mm bowl is made of thick glass.


  • Fully quartz bowl
  • Concentrate (Wax) bowl
  • 14mm
  • Thick glass
  • Diamond Quartz