New Peak Pro

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The New Puffco Peak Pro is a premium smart rig that delivers dramatic enhancements to your dabbing activities and concentrates, while also offering consistent results and satisfying vapors.

Step into the future of hash with the all-new Peak Pro, the zenith of hash technology. This high-end smart rig guarantees an explosion of flavors and performance that's beyond compare. Discover the plant's true potential through its effortlessly intuitive single-button interface, extensive customization options available via the Puffco Connect app, and the groundbreaking patented 3D Chamber. Experience enhanced filtration with features like the Joystick Cap and precision laser-cut perc slots, ensuring an unrivaled journey into the world of hash. Elevate your experience with a choice of two exquisite colorways: Onyx and Pearl.

  • Bluetooth App Connectivity
  • Wireless Qi Charging
  • USB-C Connection
  • Auto-Sleep Function
  • Real-Time Temp. Control
  • Large Sealed Ceramic Chamber
  • Customizable LED Lights
  • High Volume Water Capacity
  • Joystick Carb Cap

Peak Pro with 3D Chamber

 Joystick Cap

Loading Tool

Dual Tool (5-pack)

USB-C Cable

Carrying Case