On Point Glass | 5.5" Mini Rig Set

Regular price $35.99

Introducing the On Point Glass 5.5" Color Rim Mini Rig Water Pipe Set ? a fusion of style and performance that elevates your smoking sessions. This meticulously curated set encompasses a color rim mini rig water pipe, a perfectly matched carb cap, and a 14M banger, presenting a comprehensive solution for all your smoking desires.

The mini rig is ingeniously engineered for optimal diffusion, expertly cooling your smoke, resulting in a smoother and more flavor-rich experience. The inclusion of the coordinating carb cap and 14M banger not only ensures consistency but also adds a touch of aesthetic finesse to the entire set.

Despite its compact size, this mini rig delivers robust performance and is meticulously crafted from durable, high-quality glass. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a newcomer to the scene, this set promises to enrich your smoking journey with a unique and elevated experience that combines style and functionality in perfect harmony.