Nitecore UM10 Single Battery Charger

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The Nitecore UM10 single bay charger is more than just your run of the mill battery charger. It is an advanced USB management and charging system that is capable of powering up lithium ion batteries from a wall outlet while simultaneously charging an external electronic device such as mobile phones and tablets. The UM10 also works as a data transfer medium when a device is plugged in.

Features and Specifications:
Powers a Li-ion battery and an external device simultaneously
Made of fire-retardant materials
USB charging input and output
Integrated power management system
Automatic selection of charging current based on battery capacity
Automatic detection of input power
Intelligently distributes charging power
Optimized charging program for IMR batteries
Priority Mode offers either battery or USB charging
High-Definition LCD screen displays battery power level and charging progress (accurate to 1%)
Reverse polarity protection
Designed for optimal heat dissipation
Enables data transfer via USB
USB cable winder

Package Contents:
1 Nitecore UM10 Single-Bay Battery Charger
1 Attached Micro USB Cable