Mj Arsenal Jammer Mini Rig

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The Jammer is the straight forward rig of the Arsenal collection. It has a minimum of percolation and resembles a classic banger hanger design. The Jammer is 4mm thick and has the lowest water level of any rig we've ever seen. The direct-inject downstem has a 4-hole anchored downstem. This little thing is a ripper for sure.

The function of mini rigs is to mess with a dab as little as possible while preserving maximum potency and flavor. The small body and low water line mean that you'll taste your dabs immediately and completely when you hit an MJ Arsenal piece.


Height: 4 in

Base width: 2.5 in

10mm quartz banger included

Glass mini rig

Unrivaled percolation action

Designed for minimal filtration and maximum flavor