Lookah Seahorse Pro Nectar Collector

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The Seahorse Pro by Lookah is a simple electronic nectar collector that is built sturdy and can be used with your favorite pipe. Use of a fritted quartz tip distributes heat evenly and quickly reaches vaping temp. By using the green silicone tube you can connect one end into your pipe and another to the device for water cooled hits. There are two modes for hitting, either press and hold the button for 3 seconds to begin normal operation, or press the button 3 times consecutively to start a 30 second automatic heat session. To change voltage level press the button twice, blue will flash for low, purple for medium, and white for high. During automatic heating the light will flash green, and once done will return to low voltage.

Replacement Coils Available.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Accessories Kit/Water Pipe Adapter Available Here

Lookah Seahorse Pro Replacement Glass 2-Pack and the Bubbler are also available.

Replacement Plastic Tip Cover Available.

The Seahorse Pro and Pro Plus Stand is available separately.

Variable Voltage
Fritted Quartz Coil
Water Pipe Connector

650mAh Battery
Voltage Levels:
Blue 3.2V / Purple 3.6V / White 4.1V
30 Second Preheat 2.7V

In The Box
1 Seahorse Pro
1 Tip Adapter
1 Water Pipe Connector
1 14/18mm Adapter
1 Cleaning Brush
1 USB Cable
1 User Manual