Lookah Seahorse Pro and Pro Plus Stand

Regular price $24.99

Introducing the perfect diva for your seaworthy adventures, the Lookah Seahorse Pro and Pro Plus Stand! This exquisite stand is specially crafted to swaddle your Seahorse Pro Plus and keep it snug as a bug while in use, or when it's resting on your desk. It's a flavor of luxury like none other! Our Seahorse stand is an elegant accessory that will give your Seahorse Pro Plus the royal treatment it deserves. This little beauty, designed with finesse, will keep your device safe from the chaos of the outside world with an embrace that's so cozy, it's almost like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold night. Please keep in mind, this stand is made exclusively for Seahorse Pro and Seahorse Pro Plus vapes and dab pens. It's not recommended for other Lookah Seahorse devices. The stand arrives in a few pieces, but don't fret, assembly is easy-peasy. Just slide the pieces together, making sure the arm is in the correct orientation, and you're good to go. Trust us, it's a breeze! Now you can take your Lookah Seahorse Pro and Pro Plus on wild seaworthy adventures or just keep it housed on your table in style with the Seahorse stand. It's a must-have accessory, and it's all available in our Shop All accessories section. Get yours today, and start living like a seafaring queen!