Lookah Dab Straw

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The Lookah dab straw is a convenient and portable dabbing device that's easy to clean and maintain. The inclusion of a spare glass mouthpiece and screw-on tip cover shows that Lookah has thought of the user's needs and provided solutions to potential issues. It's also great that the dab straw comes with a stand to hold it upright for cooling, as this eliminates the need to purchase a separate accessory.

It's important to note that using a torch to heat up the dab straw can be dangerous and requires caution. Users should take appropriate safety measures and follow the manufacturer's instructions when using this device.

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Dimensions: 66.7mm x 157mm x 25.5mm (Nectar collector in case)
Dimensions:142mm x16.6mm (Nectar collector only)
Weight: 230g (Nectar collector in case)
Weight: 28.5g (Nectar collector only)

Package content
1 x Nectar Collector
2 x Glass Tube
2 x Titanium Nail
1 x Nail Cover
1 x Base
1 x Base Adapter