Lookah Beehive Tube

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 The new beehive tube mouthpiece is compatible with the Lookah Seahorse Pro, Seahorse Pro Plus, and the soon up and coming Giraffe vape pens. The colorful honeycomb pattern mouthpiece can add a unique touch to the Lookah dab pen, and the fact that it's made from food-grade resin means it's durable and less likely to break if dropped.

It's important to note that when cleaning the mouthpieces, it's not recommended to use alcohol solutions of more than 70%, as it could potentially damage the mouthpiece.

For those who are curious about the dimensions of the mouthpiece, it has external dimensions of approximately 78mm by 16mm and an internal diameter of around 7mm on the narrow (mouthpiece) end to 12mm on the wide (vape) end.