Lookah 14.5" Donut Recycler Water Pipe

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This donut recycler bong stands a cool 14.5 inches high and servers up a whirlpool of cool hits. The action starts with showerhead perc, and just as the bubbles rise up through the chamber, they get shredded apart with twin honeycomb percs. This creates rip-roaring chaos as bubbles cascades into a mass of filtration madness. If that wasn't enough, a huge donut recycler takes the smoke for a cooling cycle before it shoots out of the bent neck heading right for your mouth. The bent neck makes it great for relaxing with as you send large rips blasting through those percs.

This heavy glass pipe tips the scales at 950grams has been hand made to deliver big clouds.
A massive circular base ensures this bad boy bong stays firmly upright and delivering beautiful hits for years to come.

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Height: 14.57''

Weight: 950 GM


Base Size: Round

Color: Random