Leaf Buddi UI Variable Voltage Oil Vaporizer

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The Leaf Buddi UI has a unique J shape and a big enough battery for all day use. Any cartridge will fit on this battery so options are not limited by size. There is an indication light in the middle for convenient variable voltage feature.  Any 510 thread cartridge screws directly into the top of the shorter side and the button to fire the coil is on top of the higher side.  Due to its unique shape, the Leaf Buddi UI fits comfortably in the hand.  

Size:  43 x 20 x 65mm 
Battery capacity:  650mah 
510 Thread 
3 Clicks To Change The Voltage Level 
     Green - 2.7v, White - 3.3v, Blue - 3.7v, Red - 4.1v 
Micro USB charging

Package Includes 
1 Battery (650mah) 
1 Micro USB Charger 
1 Manual