KandyPens Elite Wax Vape Pen Kit

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The KandyPens Elite Wax Vape Pen was awarded Best Vape Pen 2017 by 'The Vape Critic'.  The Elite comes with two incredible coil options.  The first is a Titanium Wrapped Dual Quartz Rod coil with a deep quartz chamber.  The second is a flat Ceramic Disc coil in a deep ceramic lined chamber.  The Dual Quartz Rod coil heats up quickly to give you robust vapor production.  The Ceramic Disc coil heats up a bit more slowly and produces excellent flavors as well.  The Elite feautes a Temperature Control Battery that gives you 4 preset temps:  300° F - Pink, 350° F - Red, 390° F - Green, 430° F - Blue.  The Elite also has KandyPens Leak Proof Technology to eliminate irritating clogging and leaking.  

Please Note:  The listed color options lists the body color first, and the mouthpiece and middle portion with the button's color second.

Temperature Control
Leak Proof Technology
Titanium Wrapped Dual Quartz Rod Coil in Quartz Chamber
Flat Ceramic Disc Coil in Ceramic Chamber

Thread Type:  510
On/Off:  Click 5 Times Quickly
Change Temp:  Click 3 Times Quickly
10 Second Auto-Shutoff
Temperatures: 300° - Pink, 350° - Red, 390° - Green, 430° - Blue

In The Box:
1 KandyPens Elite Temperature Control Battery
1 Upgraded Mouthpiece with Air Carb
1 Titanium Wrapped Dual Quartz Rod Coil with Quartz Lined Chamber
1 Flat Ceramic Disc Coil with Ceramic Lined Chamber
1 Hard Shell Carrying Case
1 Loading Tool
1 USB Charger
1 Instruction Card
2 Alcohol Wipes

KandyPens come with a Lifetime Warranty on their Batteries.  Coils are not covered by the lifetime warranty because they are a consumable item that will need to be replaced from time to time.  The Coils are guaranteed to work upon receipt, but the warranty expires 72 hours after receipt, or immediately upon any substance being loaded into them.  You can contact KandyPens through email or phone here.