Jomotech Nvape Wax Vaporizer Pen Kit

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The Nvape, by Jomotech, is an easy to use, discreet vape pen that is designed to work with wax and other full melt concentrates. The Nvape uses a wickless ceramic donut heating element to provide smooth flavor without the burnt after-taste.  Its small size makes it very portable and it is available in 4 different colors.  The black comes with an all black case, the gold color comes in an all tan case, the red comes in a red and off white case, and the blue comes in a blue and white case.

Convenient Carrying Case
Ceramic Donut Coil
Small and Discreet Design

Materials:  Aluminum, Brass, Glass
Size:  0.49 X 4.9 inches
Battery Capacity:  360mAh
Resistance:  0.5Ω-0.7Ω
Working Voltage:  3.2-3.7V
Power Range:  7W-12W
Approximate Charge Time:  1.5 hours