HoneyBeeHerb | HoneySuckle Bubble 90?

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The Honeysuckle Bubble is a recent addition to our collection of enhanced Terp Slurper designs, offering an upgraded experience for dab enthusiasts. This quartz dab nail incorporates the same functional principles as the traditional Honeysuckle, but with the addition of a bubble base that allows dab pearls to move freely and efficiently absorb your concentrate.

You can select from both 45-degree and 90-degree designs to best suit your preferences. Additionally, the Honeysuckle Bubble is available in 14mm and 18mm Sizes, with options for both Male and Female connectors, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of rigs. To ensure optimal performance and durability, we recommend using a butane torch with all our equipment, as opposed to propane, to ensure longevity and continued high-quality functionality.