HoneyBeeHerb | Honey & Milk Bevel 45?

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The Opaque WHITE Base quartz banger provides a return to the fundamental elements of exceptional dabbing. With a 2mm thickness and an additional 4mm base thickness, this unit offers enhanced durability and improved heat dispersion along the base of the dish, ensuring a reliable and efficient dabbing experience. Its 45? angle design exudes elegance, highlighted by the seamless combination of a frosted joint and a captivating Smokey WHITE base.

The H & M quartz banger is available in both Female and Male joints, catering to various rig specifications and preferences. It is compatible with a wide range of common diameter Sizes, spanning from 10mm to 18mm, ensuring versatility and seamless integration with your preferred setup.

For an optimized dabbing experience, we recommend using the Honey Hive Carb Cap and Honey Topper Carb Cap with this quartz banger. By incorporating authentic and compatible accessories, you can elevate your dabbing sessions and enjoy the full potential of this high-quality quartz banger.