HoneyBeeHerb | BeeHive Quartz 90?

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The Full Weld Blender Quartz Banger, meticulously crafted from GE214 Quartz, offers an impressive and comprehensive dabbing experience. This banger boasts an outer diameter of 20mm and a substantial thickness of 2.5mm, ensuring reliable and enduring performance for all your dabbing needs. The all-in-one frosted joint, coupled with a robust bucket thickness of 4mm and a sizable bowl with an inside diameter of 40mm, provides an ideal environment for achieving optimal vaporization and flavor retention.

For the best results and to ensure a lasting performance, we recommend using a butane torch with our products, as it guarantees a consistent and efficient dabbing experience over an extended period. To further enhance your dabbing sessions, consider pairing this banger with compatible carb caps such as the Quartz Bubble Carb Cap, the Quartz Stub Bubble Carb Cap, or a Marble Set, providing you with a versatile and customizable dabbing setup.