HoneyBee | 4 Piece Banger Kit

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Product Specifications: Introducing our comprehensive 4-piece Banger Kit, designed to meet all your dabbing needs:

  1. High-quality quartz banger
  2. Carb cap
  3. Terp pearl set
  4. Dabber tool

Constructed from top-tier quartz material, these components are built for exceptional durability and performance. Cleaning is a breeze?simply use ISO alcohol or a cleaning solution along with a Q-tip for easy maintenance. This kit has everything you need for a seamless and satisfying dabbing experience, including a set of honey pearls for enhanced vaporization.

Are you new to the world of dabbing? Perhaps you're just embarking on this exciting journey, looking to set up a straightforward banger kit, or simply looking to augment your collection with some fantastic accessories at an incredible value.

Look no further than Honeybee Herb, where we present our 4-piece Banger Kit. This comprehensive kit includes a Quartz Banger, a Dabber, a set of Honey Pearls, and a Quartz Carb Cap.

With everything you need at your fingertips, apart from a torch, your concentrate, and your preferred rig, our banger kit ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable dabbing experience. Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned dabber, this kit is designed to enhance your dabbing pleasure.