Hamilton Draco Kit

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Introducing the DRACO™: an innovative device set to redefine your Flower Vape experience. Merging traditional combustion with contemporary elegance, the DRACO™ is more than a device—it’s a gateway to heightened floral indulgence.

Escape the ordinary with the DRACO™, the trailblazing Combustion Device that transcends the norm. Crafted for those who crave the unadulterated essence of Dry Flower, it delivers a combustion process that ensures your herbs are enjoyed in their most natural state, offering a symphony of flavors with every hit.

The DRACO™ Dry Herb Device stands apart with its intuitive built-in air pump that simplifies your experience. Cast aside the complex setups; a single inhalation from the DRACO™ unveils a world where richness and simplicity coexist, a testament to its ingenious design.

Experience the zenith of flavor as the DRACO™ presents a dual glass mouthpiece ensemble: the standard piece embodies sleek functionality, while the bubbler mouthpiece adds a layer of cool, filtrated bliss to your sessions. Whether in the solace of your sanctuary or the heart of nature, each inhale is a voyage through taste and aroma.

How To Use: Add the dry flower, select your mouthpiece, and a quintuple click commences your journey. And for the connoisseurs, the complete DRACO™ kit awaits, inviting you to delve into an elegant process that caters to both the seasoned and the beginners alike.

The era of profound Flower Combustion has arrived. Discover the DRACO™ today, and ignite your senses like never before.