Hamilton Devices Starship 510 Thread Wax Cartridge Battery

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For those of you hoping your next session takes you on a trip to outer space, the mad scientists at Hamilton Devices have engineered the perfect concentrate vaporizer for you!  The Starship is the worlds first battery with three 510 Thread connections.  That means you can have up to three 510 Thread wax cartridges or concentrate coils attached at the same time.  You can mix and match flavors as you see fit and find the right blend of concentrates to send you to the moon.  The kit also includes 2 Dummy Plugs so that you can use the device with 1, 2, or 3 carts or coils hooked up at one time.  The kit even includes a Water Pipe Attachment so you can use the Starship with water filtration.  Calling all Space Cadets, your Starship awaits!

MAINTENANCE TIPS: Any device dealing with oils has the potential to leak. Regular cleaning will keep the device at its optimal performance.

RECOMMENDED CLEANING: 1-2 times per cartridge change or depending on usage. Please use a Q-Tip and isopropyl alcohol

Replacement Coils are also available

Replacement Glass is available separately.

Variable Voltage
3 510 Thread Connections
USB-C Charging

Thread Type:  510 Thread
Battery Capacity:  1450mAh
Battery Charge Type:  USB-C
Approx. Charge Time:  ~1.5 hours
On/Off:  5 Clicks of Button in 2 Seconds
Voltage Levels:  Blue (3.2V), White (3.7V), Red (4.2V)
Change Voltage Level:  3 Quick Clicks of Button
Auto Activated Mode:  Click Button 2 Times
Resistance Range:  ≥0.5Ω

In The Box
1 Starship Battery
1 Glass Mouthpiece
1 Water Pipe Attachment
3 Wax Coils
1 Type-C Cable
1 Dab Tool
2 O-rings
2 Dummy Plugs
1 QR Card