Greenlight Vapes G9 TC PORT Portable Wax and Thick Oil eNail Rig

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The G9 TC PORT is Greenlight Vapes newest eNail rig.  It features the industry's only silicon carbide nail and real-time temperature control.  The crisp OLED display clearly shows your desired temperature, its real-time temperature, the heating time, the number of heating cycles the device has been used, and the current battery charge level.  The TC PORT comes with a 3000 mAh Lithium Ion battery for long lasting vape sessions.  In the box you will find a Titanium nail, a Ceramic nail, a Quartz nail, and a Silicone Carbide nail to allow you to find the perfect fit for you.  The included bubbler attachment was designed in the US and is both stunning and effective.  If you have been searching for the Cadillac of eNails, look no further.  You just found it.

Features and Specificaitons
Battery Capacity:  3000 mAh
Screen:  0.91" HD OLED Display
Included Nails:  Titanium, Ceramic, Quartz, Silicon Carbide
Real Time Temperature Control
Short Circuit Protection
Low Power Protection
Reverse Connect Protection
Audible Tone Indicator

In The Box
1 - TC PORT eNail
1 - Removable 3000 mAh Li-Ion Battery Installed
1 - Magnetic Stainless Steel Carb Cap with Removable Dab Tool
1 - Titanium Nail
1 - Ceramic Nail
1 - Quartz Nail
1 - Silicon Carbide Nail
3 - Q-Tips
2 - Alcohol Pads
1 - USB Charger
1 - Dab Jar
1 - Glass Bubbler
1 - User Manual With Warranty Card


The TC PORT comes with a 30 day warranty through Vape Pen Sales as well as a 12 month warranty through Greenlight Vapes.  For more information about the warranty through Greenlight Vapes, please visit their website at or email them at


Replacement Glass Bubblers and Nails are also available.


Use Caution when working with any lithium battery. They can represent a fire and electrical hazard and should only be handled by persons with appropriate knowledge. Lithium batteries have been known to spontaneously bust into flame or explode. Wax Pen Sales, it's owners, operators, and suppliers are not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the use, storage, or charging of lithium battery cells. Buyer assumes all liability for damage or injury.