Focus V Carta 2 Carta Dry Herb and Concentrate e-Rig

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Behold; the latest in vaping technology, the Carta 2 from Focus V, yet another spectacular device which leaps ahead of the rest with consistently high performance. Upon use the first thing's you'll notice are quality, with an ergonomically designed body, crisp and easy to read OLED display, and a durable glass mouthpiece. Once properly admired and put to use expect robust, flavorful, and full hits, this is due to intuitive technology in the atomizer heating the entire chamber paired with accurate temperature readouts. 

While Focus V has already put the Carta 2 on the cutting edge, they take it over with a few more features. Starting from the base; the Carta 2 uses USB-C AND has both passthrough and wireless charging capability. If the 2000mAh interior battery isn't enough juice for you, or you need a charge on the go, you'll want to purchase the 10000mAh battery storage & wireless charging dock. You may need that bit of extra power for the next feature, fully customizable LEDs to set the mood for your sesh. And finally, as though it wasn't already the most functional and flashy erig on the market, the Carta 2 can now be controlled from your phone. That's right, connect with Bluetooth to change every setting, unless you'd rather use the operating buttons on the side. Experience the latest in intuition & enjoy the best on the market with the Carta 2.

USB-C Charging
Passthrough Charging
Wireless Charging
OLED Display
App Control
Customizable RGB Light

2000mAh Internal Battery
Borosilicate Glass

 In The Box:
Oil Atomizer
Carrying Case
Dab Tool
Cleaning Swabs
Cleaning Wipes
Silicone Mouthpiece Cap
USB-C Cable