Ecapple C-Pioneer Atomizer

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The C-Pioneer is a new vaping device from Ecapple.  It features a 100% ceramic coil with their brand new micropore ceramic technology which means no cotton or glass fibers.  It is made of the highest medical grade 316L stainless steel wire.  The coils have a longer lifespan with the new design.  They can last as much as 6 to 8 times longer than traditional coils.  It is designed to be anti-leaking with top airflow control.  The C-Pioneer is side filling, so it is easy to refill and it holds 2.5 ml.  There is a removable atomizer cap to keep the drip tip clean and it was built with a special heat dissipation structure.  

Size:  0.87 in X 2.76 in
Juice Capacity:  2.5 ml
Resistance:  0.8Ω (25-50W)
Coil:  Ceramic
Shell Material:  Stainless Steel


Replacement Coils are also available.