Divine Crossing V5 Ceramic Micro Diffuser Atomizer

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The Divine Crossing V5 delivers the power which has come to be expected from the previous lineup. This vaporizer was NOT designed to be discreet, instead focusing on performance and functionality.  Recommended for use on a temp-controllable mod and capable of reaching up to 600f, perfect for small low-temp hits or for burning off old material. Making use of a built in heatsink the unit also keeps your battery mod safe from overheating during burn offs! The atomizer uses a heated ceramic cup sturdily held in place by another solid piece of ceramic. 

Viewing Window in Mouthpiece
Built in Heat Sink
Ceramic Cup Coil

Recommended Settings:
- Wattage 27-37w Pulsing button
- TCR Value 200 using 36w to get to 500°f 

In The Box:
1 v5 Atomizer
1 extra side and bottom heated cup
1 extra window for metal top
1 Dab tool
4 extra screws, tool and orings
qtips and alcohol wipes