Dazzvape Acus Multi-Function Wax Vape Pen Kit

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The Acus is a new product designed by Dazzvape.  The Acus is a multi-function pen that allows you to have the traditional wax vape pen functionality, but it also acts as a 'honey straw' allowing you to consume concentrates directly from their container.  The Acus utilizes two different types of coils. The dab coil stores concentrate in a chamber with a top cap. The dip coil allows you to place the tip in direct contact with concentrate. The Acus has a threaded mouthpiece for each side; the top mouthpiece is for use of the dab coil and the bottom mouthpiece is for the the dip coil.  

Multi-Function Dip or Dab Design
Single Button Use
100 Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Battery Capacity:  350mAh
10 Second Pre-Heat Function (Double Click the Button)
Acus Quartz Coil Family
     Quartz Dip Coil with 0.15 to 0.25g Capacity
     Quartz Dab Coil
Threaded Mouthpieces
     Use Top Mouthpiece for Dab Coil
     Use Bottom Mouthpiece for Dip Coil
Voltage:  3.6V
Resistance:  1.2Ω
Weight:  1.76 ounces
Height:  5.43 inches
12 Second Cut-Off
Low Resistance Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Charge Type:  Micro USB

In The Box
1 Acus Concentrate Pen
1 Ceramic Dip Atomizer
1 Steel Dab Atomizer
1 One Cleaner
1 Micro USB Cable
1 Instructional Manual

Replacement coils are available here.