Crossing Sai EZ Poseidon Wax Vaporizer Bundle

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Crossing has just released the EZ Poseidon Bundle.  This kit gives you everything you need to get right into vaping your favorite full melt concentrates.  This kit is built off of the original Saionara Wax Atomizer.  The Sai, as it is know, is one of the best atomizers on the market today.  There are 17 different styles of coils to choose from giving you options no matter your preference.  They paired the Sai with the EZ Sai Temp Control Battery.  This battery was designed specifically for the Sai and gives you 3 preset temp control modes as well as a wattage mode.  As the name indicates, the kit also includes the Poseidon V2 Bubbler.  The updated bubbler has a two piece design to make filling and cleaning a breeze.  Finally, the kit includes the base stand so that you can put the whole unit down without having to set it on its side.  You can use the kit with the bubbler or without giving you the flexibility to take it with you without having to lug around a bubbler.  All this together makes for one of the best setups on the market today!

Saionara EZ Poseidon Bundle by SZ Crossing is a wax pen vaporizer for load as you go herbal extracts wax and concentration. Featuring a 1050mAh battery capacity and multiple coil options.  

2-Piece Bubbler Attachment
Temperature Control Battery
17 Different Coil Options

Battery Capacity:  1050mAh
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB
Material:  Stainless Steel, Glass
Wattage Mode:  25W
TC Mode:  TI 380°F, TI 420°F, TI 460°F

In The Box
1 Stainless Steel Saionara Atomizer
1 EZ Sai Temp Control Battery
1 Poseidon V2 Glass Bubbler with Stainless Steel Carb Cap
1 Base Stand
1 Micro USB Charging Cable
1 Loading Tool
2 Extra O-Rings
1 Triple Titanium Quartz Coil (Works with Temp Control)
1 Jumbo Kanthal Quartz Sai Coil (For Wattage Mode)

Replacement Coils, Glass Mouthpiece, EZ Sai Temp Control BatteryPoseidon V2 Bubbler, Hydro Tube Bubbler, EZ Sai Base Stand, Heat Sinks, and more available.