Boundless Terp Pen XL Wax Pen

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The Boundless Terp Pen XL is the new version of the Boundless Terp Pen, adding new features such as variable voltage and an improved ceramic coil design for better airflow and bigger rips. 

With no buttons the device, just press the ceramic coil into your concentrates and start inhaling to activate the auto-draw feature.

Changing voltage levels is easy, just tap on the body of the Terp Pen quickly 3 times and watch the LED indicator change from Blue for 3.3V, to Green for 3.7V, then Red for 4.0V.

The LED light also acts as a battery level indicator by tapping on the body of the Terp Pen XL 2 times and charges through a micro USB port. 

Red: 0-32%, Blue: 33-65%, Green: 66-100%

The Terp Pen XL can be broken down for easy cleaning with isopopyl alcohol. Do Not get any liquid in the USB port on the Coil Connection located on the battery. 


Replacement Terp Pen XL coils are available. 

Breath Activated Auto-fire
Variable Voltage
Attached Quartz Storage Jar
LED Battery Life and Voltage Indicator Light
Micro USB Charging
3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

In The Box
1 Boundless Terp Pen XL
1 Preinstalled Ceramic Coil
1 Multi Tool
1 Cleaning Tool
1 Micro USB Cable
1 User Manual