Boundless CFX 80W Portable Wax/Dry Herb/Thick Oil Vaporizer

Regular price $179.99

Building off the powerful quick-heating technology found in the Boundless CF, the Boundless CFX takes aromatherapy innovation to the next level. Featuring a 20 seconds or less heat-up time, full 1.7 inch TFT screen, and rugged exterior casing, the CFX is one of the fastest and efficient portable devices in the industry.

Haptic Feedback: Device vibrates when powered on, when it reaches temperature, and when the device is powered off.
Dual Charging options: DC charges fully in 30 minutes
USB charges fully in 2.5 Hours
Large Capacity
Large LED Display

Battery Capacity: 2500mah
Unit Size: 5" x 2.5" x 1"
Temperature Range: 100°F - 430°F

In Box:
1 CXF Vaporizer
1 Wax/Thick Oil Tank
1 Wall Charger
1 USB Cable
1 Packing Tool
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Manual

In addition to the standard 30 day warranty from Vape Pen Sales this product carries a warranty from Boundless. Two year warranty on the product and one year on the battery. Offer a $25 replacement fee for internal maintenance/replacement after the year.