Boundless CF 710 Wax and Thick Oil Vape Pen Kit

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Add another dimension to the dabbing experience with the Boundless CF 710. Experience pure flavor and efficiency of your concentrates and oils on the go or at home. The Boundless CF 710 combines sleek design and stealth allowing the user to enjoy oils/concentrates free from the worry of butane torches or power chords.  

Easy Use
Press the power button 5 times to activate or deactivate the CF 710. Unscrew the heater cover and hold the CF 710's power button for a moment to bring the heating tip up to temperature. Dip your heater into your concentrate or load it directly onto the coil. Hold the power button again as you take your draw from the mouthpiece - enjoy!

Rapid USB charging - Fully charge in 2 hours
Long Battery Life - Up to an hour of concurrent use
No Butane Needed - The Boundless CF 710 is powered solely by electricity
Sleek Design - Made out of 100% Stainless Steel
Interchangeable Heating Tips- Choose between ceramic or quartz heating tips  

Battery Capacity: 900mah
Length: 5.31 inches

In Box:
1 Boundless CF 710
1 Ceramic Rod Dabbing Top
1 Quartz Rod Dabbing Tip
1 Dab Tool
1 Dab Canister
1 Manual
1 USB Charging Cable

In addition to Vape Pen Sales 30 day warrantyall Boundless Technology products are backed by a 3 year manufacturer warranty. Contact or call us at 1-866-355-7061 between 9:00am PST - 6:00pm PST(Not open Saturdays/Sundays).