Boulder Replacement Oven

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Stay chill and keep enjoying your vaping sessions with replacement ovens for your Boulder W2. You have two awesome options to choose from: ceramic or quartz. If you're a flavor enthusiast, go for the ceramic oven – it's excellent at bringing out those strong and delicious flavors from your concentrates. On the other hand, if you're into big, fluffy clouds, the quartz oven is the way to go – it delivers massive vapor clouds that will surely impress.

Can't decide? No problem! Get one of each and experience the best of both worlds. With these replacement ovens, you can soak up all the goodness from your concentrates, and ensure that your Boulder W2 stays in peak performance. Happy vaping!

Discover the Boulder W2 Replacement Oven, which includes a quartz or ceramic heating element for delicious flavor and vapor from your favorite concentrates.