AUXO Celsius Wax And Dry Herb Convection Vaporizer

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Turn up the heat and tune out the rest. Once you try the AUXO Celsius your focus will shift to the smooth, flavorful, and full clouds presented. Designed to be a premium dry herb vaporizer with 6 second heat up time & convection capabilities, providing a more robust experience than standard conduction vaporizers. Users can also take advantage of the Pro Mode, setting a 40 second temperature curve, winding up the temperature slowly for a full suite of flavors. Like other AUXO favorites, this device can be controlled using a companion app and lives up to the same standards of manufacturing and performance.

360 Degree Mouthpiece
Premium Construction
App Control
USB-C Charging

Temperature Control
1000mAh Battery
Convection Heating
Stainless Steel Oven

In The Box:
1 Celsius Vaporizer
1 Cleaning Tool
1 Brush
1 Tweezers
1 USB Charging Block
1 Charging Cable
3 Concentrate Pads
5 Cleaning Swabs