AOVape Canva VV Magnetic Wax Pen Kit

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AOVape has just realeased a stunning new addition to their lineup.  The Canva is a variable voltage wax pen that features magnetic connections for both the mouthpiece and removable dab jar for added convenience.   You can easily choose between 3.5v, 3.8v, or 4.2v to allow you to tailor your experience whether you want more flavor or more vapor.  The magnetic mouthpiece also has an innovative built in coil cap and you can choose between the included Dual Quartz Coil or the included Ceramic 'Miracle' Style Coil.  The built in silicone jar is made of stainless steel and lined with silicone.  It has a strong magnetic connection to the pen so it can be removed for added convenience.  


Mouthpiece with built in coil cap and magnetic connection
Variable Voltage - Change Voltage by Pressing Power Button 3 Times Quickly
Removable Silicone Jar
Micro USB Charging
Included Dual Quartz Rod Coil and Ceramic 'Miracle' Style Coil


Battery Capacity:  1100 mAh
Variable Voltage:  3.5v Red Light, 3.8v Blue Light, 4.2v White Light
Over Use Protection:  When the power button is held for longer than 15 seconds, it will shut off and flash its light 8 times.
Low Voltage Protection:  When the battery voltage drops below 3.2v, the lights will flash 10 times and the pen will shut off.
Short Circuit Protection
Battery Charging Indicator:  The light will turn red while charging and go off once it is fully charged.


In The Box:
1 Canva Atomizer
1 Canva Battery
1 Dual Quartz Rod Coil (Pre-Installed)
1 Ceramic 'Miracle' Style Coil
1 Magnetic Silicone Jar
1 Micro USB Charging Cable
1 Pick Tool


Replacement Coils and additional Canva Detachable Dab Jars are also available.