Vivant DAbOX Wax Vaporizer Kit

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The new DAbOX wax vaporizer, from Vivant, is the answer to your portable nail dreams.  This thing hits like a champ, giving you the ability to blow out massive and dense clouds of flavorful vapor.  The DAbOX has a sleek design using only the best materials.  It has a very nice heft, and an obviously high build quality. 

Our favorite feature is the ultra convenient swing out door and pressure fit coil.  Forget unscrewing the atomizer tube and the coil cap to load your unit.  Just swing open the door to either of its positions, 45° or 90°, and load away.  Swapping out the coil is even easier.  Flip open the door to 90° and just slide the coil out and slide a new one back in.  It is that easy.  

Unlike most portable vaporizers, the DAbOX features an all glass chamber through which vapor travels before it is inhaled. This chamber extends the vapor path, giving each hit time to cool off, while the inert glass preserves the true flavors and aromas of your wax concentrates. The glass chamber doubles as a mouthpiece, and is removable for easy cleaning. A splash guard stops waxy oils from leaking into the chamber. This isolated all-glass vapor path provides great airflow and ensures smoother, flavor-intensive hits while keeping the mouthpiece cool.

DAbOX puts 40 watts of pure unadulterated power in the palm of your hand.  This massive power allows the unit to produce those big milky vapor clouds, while also providing the super quick heat up time. The 2A Quick Charge System supports 2 Amps, enabling the DAbOX to go from a dead battery to a full charge in just 1 hour, an unprecedented charge time among portable vaporizers. Simply plug in via USB cable and the LED display will light up red to show the unit is charging. Once a full charge has been achieved, the light will shut off, letting you know it's time to vape.

In the short time we have used it, it has become a staff favorite.  We encourage everyone to read the detailed instructions we have included in the pictures.  We recommend starting with a 1 second button press and going up from there to find your sweet spot!

2A Quick Charge
Two Year Manufacturer Warranty
Ultra Portable Design

Battery Capacity:  1500mAh
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB

In The Box:
1 Vivant DAbOX Vaporizer
1 Borosilicate Glass Chamber
1 Dual Quartz Doil
1 Dual Quartz Clapton Coil
1 Glass Loading Tool
1 USB Cable

 Replacement Coils and the Water Filtration Kit are also available.