Longmada Motar Quartz Crucible Wax Atomizer

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The Motar is an innovative new product from Longmada. The Motar uses a solid quartz bowl heated by an element beneath it.  This means your material never touches metal and maintains that pure smooth taste.  The Motar is designed to handle high heat, with the best results coming between 30W and 45W according to the manufacturer.  Longmada knew this level of heat could cause an issue during extended sessions, so they built a heat sink right into the atomizer base.  The glass top and mouthpiece were also designed with this in mind.  There is a carb opening at the top of the glass cover that is designed to cause a whirlpool shaped air path.  The mouthpiece is on a stem allowing more opportunity to cool the vapor prior to inhaling.  Even with this in mind, we recommend starting at 15W and increasing the power in increments to find the setting that works best for you.  The Motar is designed to handle those extended sessions allowing you to enjoy large quantities of your favorite full melt concentrates.  

Solid Quartz Heating Dish
Integrated Heat Sink
Designed for High Output Use

Thread Type:  510
Wattage Range:  We strongly recommend starting at 15W and working your way up from there.  Longmada indicates that the best results are between 30-45W.  
Resistance:  0.4Ω
Atomizer Diameter:  22mm

In The Box
1 Motar Atomizer Base
1 Motar Glass Cover and Mouthpiece
1 Solid Quartz Heating Dish Coil
1 Loading Tool

Replacement Coils and Glass are available.