Waxmaid | Honey Mod

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Prepare to create massive vapor clouds with the HoneyMod E-rig. This device, despite being only 5.35 inches tall, packs a powerful 1600mAh battery. You have the power to regulate the inhalation velocity by simply adjusting the steel deck, ensuring you find a comfortable pace for your vapor clouds.

About the Waxmaid HoneyMod E-rig:

  1. Adjustable Airflow: Tailor your vaping experience by rotating the steel deck to achieve the desired airflow velocity.

  2. Efficient Quartz Ball: The quartz ball rapidly spins within the coil during inhalation, ensuring thorough atomization and complete use of your wax.

  3. Convenient Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece features a handy belt for easy attachment and glass protection.

  4. Dual Heating Modes: Enjoy the flexibility of two heating options for your vaping preferences.

Kit Includes:

  1. 1? HoneyMod E-rig
  2. 1? Mouthpiece with Ring
  3. 1? Coil
  4. 1? Glass
  5. 1? Steel Deck with Airflow Control
  6. 1? USB-C Charger Cable
  7. Loading & Cleaning Tools
  8. Extra Seal Rings & Quartz Balls

Replacement Coil