HoneyBeeHerb | Honey Well 90?

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The Honey Well Quartz Banger offers an exceptional dabbing experience, boasting a 2.5mm thick chambered banger nail crafted from 100% Quartz. With its frosted tip and 25mm outer diameter, this banger nail is designed to accommodate a Marble Set for optimal functionality.

To achieve the best results with the Honey Well, follow these steps: first, place the smallest pearl of the marble set, followed by the second largest or valve marble, into the middle chamber. Heat the banger appropriately using a butane torch. Once heating is complete, allow the nail to cool to your desired temperature, then place your product into the bottom chamber and top it with the largest marble. The air drawn through the angled holes in the side of the bottom chamber will create a vortex, spinning the pearl in the bottom while also rotating the valve marble. This rotation helps prevent the product from reaching the upper chamber of the quartz banger.

The unit is available in both 45-degree and 90-degree angles, with male and female connector joints ranging from 10mm, 14mm, to 18mm. Ensure a complete dabbing experience by acquiring a Dab Marble Set to complement your Honey Well Quartz Banger.