Galaxy Cartboy 510

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Introducing the Nebula GUY, the latest innovation in discreet vaping. Following the style principles of its predecessors, the GUY and GUY 2.0, the Nebula GUY features a sleek, disposable vape-like exterior. However, it cleverly conceals a hidden 510 cartridge compartment that can accommodate your preferred 1g or 2g cartridge.

The Nebula GUY comes equipped with a battery indicator screen and offers a variety of features that distinguish it from its competitors. With three customizable voltage settings, you can personalize your vaping experience based on the viscosity of your oil and your individual preferences. The dependable preheat function is designed to prevent clogs and ensure smooth, consistent hits, enhancing your overall vaping experience. The device's robust internal battery delivers exceptional durability, lasting through multiple sessions on a single charge.

Looking for a discreet way to enjoy your favorite cartridges? The Nebula GUY is the perfect option. It’s the ideal device for oil enthusiasts who desire a covert solution for vaping on the go, without drawing any unwanted attention.