17.2'' LOOKAH The Steam Express Glass

Regular price $192.99

Blow off some steam with the help of this original Lookah Glass water pipe.
Direct from the Platinum Collection, this super-recycler pipe has a tractor tire perc, ice pinch, and recyclers to spare.

You'll find both curved and spiral recyclers above the first chamber that come together in a large glass cylinder before hitting the ice pinch.
This lets you supper cool your smoke a fabulous amount. The Steam Express with all this glass goes to great lengths to deliver a perfect hit.

A huge 17.5" from base to mouthpiece, this big bong experience has plenty of recyclers and added percs.
Finished off with the classic gold Lookah Logos located on the outside of the first chamber and the neck and with a Platinum logo sitting pretty in pride of place on the second chamber. 

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Height: 17.2''

Weight: 1200 GM