Dip Devices Little Dipper Electronic Nectar Collector

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Little Dipper is the newest product from Dip Devices. Little Dipper offers Dip Devices' signature direct-to-concentrate Vapor Tip technology in a small compact and portable form. The Little Dipper is easy to clean and features patented airflow technology making it easier than ever to consume concentrates directly from their container.

Replacement Heating Tips and Crystal Quartz Coils are also available.

Quick-heat coil
Compact and Portable Design
Three Power Settings  
Easy to clean 

Battery Capacity:  600mAh
Battery Charge Type:  Micro-USB
Power Settings:  Low, Medium, High
Change Power Setting:  Click Button 3 Times Quickly
On/Off:  Click Button 5 Times Within 2 Seconds

In The Box
1 Little Dipper Device
1 Heating Coil (Pre-Installed)
1 Magnetic Coil Cover