Yocan Quartz Elite Coil for Evolve Plus and Magneto Wax Pens

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The Quartz Elite is Yocan's latest coil for the Evolve PlusEvolve Plus Arsenal Edition, and Magneto wax vaporizers. 

Ever wish you could get a wax pen that hit like a nail? Want big beefy hits from a durable and portable pen? The Quartz Elite is the coil for you.

Featuring a heavy gauge twisted kanthal coil around a quartz glass rod for some serious heating power. The Quartz Elite is provides a harder, stronger hit for those looking to destroy large quantities of wax quickly. 

Please Note:  The Quartz Elite coil uses the coil cap for the Evolve Plus coils.  The Magneto Miracle Coil coil cap will not fit the Quartz Elite coil.  The Evolve Plus coil caps are available here.

Resistance: 0.65ohms
Recommended Wattage: 25W or less

1 Yocan Evolve Plus/Magneto Quartz Elite Coil.