Yocan EXgo W3 Kit (Wax) with Nero Coil and Variable Voltage V1 Battery

Regular price $32.99

A great concentrate vaping kit. Incredible Yocan quality at a reasonable price. Comes with the award winning EXgo W3 Atomizer with Nero Coil and the EXgo V1 variable voltage battery. Sleek, stylish, and powerful this is a GREAT and discrete wax pen with the superior heating of Nero Coil technology.

1 Wax tool
1 USB Charger
1 Exgo W3 Vaporizer
1 Decorative Ring
1 EXgo V1 Battery (variable voltage see below)
1 Extra Nero heating element

(note this kit includes the silver V1 battery only)

Replacement Coils are available.