Yocan EXgo W2 Vaporizer Kit (Wax) with Nero Coil

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The EXgo W2 uses the new Nero Technology. This next generation wickless design heats up 5x faster than ordinary atomizer heads. The high quality Pyrex glass and stainless steel design is easily attached to 510/Ego thread and is also compatible with both Yo-Pep and W2 replacable heads. Great
for thick oils and wax, this next level atomizer also includes a replacement coil head and a mini tool.

The 650mah Yocan EXgo V1 battery is the preffered choice for Yocan EXgo W1, W2, W3, and W4 Atomizers. Not only is it capable of delivering sub-ohm power to Yocan atomizers, it features 3 voltage settings for the perfect power level. 510/eGo threading means its compatible with many of your favorite atomizers as well.

Works best at 0.6 ohms resistance,  3.7v or less and 20w or less.


  • Pyrex glass tube and stainless steel design with no plastic materials.
  • Nero technology heats up to 5x faster than normal coils.
  • Inner cap keeps glass clean, making cleanup easy.
  • 510/Ego thread fitment
  • Replaceable Ego vaporizer heads
  • 650mah Variable Voltage exGO V1 Battery


1 x EXgo W2 Vaporizer
2 x Extra Nero Heating Elements
1 x Wax Tool
1 x exGO V1 650mah Battery
1 x USB Chager

Replacement Coils are also available.